@@There are two versions of the word "JENJU". One is that the JENJU community
was located in the midstream of Tungshan river and included a wharf within its territory.
In early times, many ships sailed around different places of Southeast Asia and brought
back many pearls and agates to JENJU community, and thus people could easily find
lost pearls and agates on the ground by the wharf. Therefore, the community derived its name from this story.
@@Another version is as follows: The transliteration of JENJU LICHIEN in Kuvalan
language is onalis Bruguiere. Because the early community was free from environmental
@@pollutions, there were always traces of onalis Bruguiere in fields and drains. Hence
@@@@the JENJU community got its present name.

The ancient name of JENJU community

was JENJU LICHIEN, which was one of

the thirty-six villages of Pingpu Kuvalan