Since May of 1988, JENJU community designed and constructed the
community activity center, established the Board of Administrators for
the community and elected Mr. Lee, Cheng-chai as the chief administrator
who started to undertake the community development tasks. In February
of 1994, mentioned organization was restructured to JENJU Community
Development Association. The first chief administrator of the Association
is Mr. Lo, Rong-shi who continues to conduct the community development
tasks. In December 24, 1994, the community activity center was inaugurated.

Currently JENJU
Community Development
Association has advanced
toward the second session
and the chief administrator
is Mr. Lee, Hou-chin.
Thanks to the efforts of
all the members, the
community has grown out
of nothing and has already
built some foundations.

Now more than ever we shall coalesce strength of everybody to promote other community works sparing no effort.