In 1991, there were totally 1370 persons in 397 families, including 728
males and 642 females. Until Jan, 2002, the total number of population has
increased to 1747 persons in 500 families including 915 males and 832 females.
In the Community Development Association, 14 personas serve as administrators and supervisors, 30 members practice the External Breathing
Martial Art and 31 consultants are employed for the community.
Prof. Lee, Jen-kui, the first National Ph. D. in Literature, was born in this
community; Mr. Chen, Tsung-ming, the judge, is currently one of the community
residents; Mr. Lee, Hou-rui, the specialist in fine arts and kite-weaving, also
came from this community and is nowadays one of the community consultants.

The chief administrator Mr. Lee, Hou-chien had
served as social worker and the relevant supervisor
in Ilan county government for 12 years,
had acted as director of Chi Huai Garden
(a Halfway House for the youth and
children) for more than 5 years, and
also has completed the training
courses for psychotherapists.

In September 3 and 4th of the year
1999, he attended the Life-long Learning
Camp of Community Development organized
by the Council for Cultural Affairs.