Chinshing Divine Palace
Main deities are Three Ancient Kings and Cheng, Chen-kung
The previous name of Chinshing Divine Palace was Chinshing Temple,
whose title was changed to the present one in 1997 before inauguration of the
reconstruction. The main deity of worship was Three Ancient Kings. It is said
that in 1890, ancestors who lived in the rear area of JENJU community molded
soil statues, then the statues revealed divine manifestation and declared
themselves to be Three Ancient Kings and designated the seven-year-old youth,
Mr. Lee, Chau-mu, who lived in the rear area as mediator.
From then on, he started to kill demons and devils, rescue all living creatures, and assist numerous
people. The temple was reconstructed for three times. The primary temple was a thatch building and The

Holy Grace Temple
Main deities are The Sage King Kaichang and Fu De Cheng Shen (God of the Earth).

Religion provides an important power to solidify the common consensus among all community people.
The main deities to be sacrificed in Chinshing Divine Palace and Holy Grace Temple are respectively The

However, in September, 2001, during the activity of "Thousand People Jointly Stack up Grass Mattress", the conflicts were reconciled and thus the harmony of the village will make everything achieved.
Three Ancient Kings and The Sage King Kaichang. There were
misunderstandings between followers of the two temples.
Three Ancient Kings were worshipped. Afterwards, the deities of
Kai Tai Kuo Shen (Formosa Founder), Shie Tien Da Di (Supreme
Heavenly Monarch), San Shan Kuo Wan (Three Mountain Kings),
Shi Tien Tzun Wan (Western Honorable King), Guanyin and etc..
were incorporated in succession as objects of sacrifice. In 1999,
members of the temple and JENJU Community Development
Association jointly coordinated to arrange a national worship
ceremony for Cheng, Chen-kung and the activity came out
unprecedentedly successful.
The temple was originally an earth deity temple in JENJU community and
had been reconstructed in 1969. Currently the rear court rooms of the
temple are under construction. People
sacrifice to The Sage King Kaichang
and the God of the Earth. It is the most
ancient temple in JENJU community
and also an important conference
center for the residents. The worship
ceremony is held on February 15 of the
lunar calendar every year.