The Goals of Jenju Community Construction~

1.Taking advantage of the special scene of bamboo hedges, it isufficiently constitutes the attractive
cause for economical opportunity and develops the resort and entertainment enterprise of the
bamboo hedges folk residence which may increase the income of the agricultural people and
activate vitality of agricultural enterprise.

2.Through the warm family reception manner, the operation type of folk residence offers the feeling of
returning home for guests and ameliorate the serious alienation among interpersonal relationship in
the modern society, thus reconstructs the close interpersonal and interactive relationship among
people. We intend to build the central conception of faithfulness and then loyalty and forgiveness to
be main axle of interpersonal relationship; build an agricultural community with diverse commerce-
oriented enterprise and advance toward the social paradigm of Neo-confuciusianism and put
emphasis upon the commerce.

3.By means of the promotion of straw enterprises, it creates straw handicraft; lets straw paintings,
straw pulp, straw masks, and rice sample manufactures be the cultural enterprise of Jenju
community,. It does not only use much agricultural waste but also decreases lots of straw and
combustion that will result in environmental pollution and further transforms them into the material
of cultural enterprises for recycling.

4.Through establishment of mask-wearing theater combines gestalt psychiatry therapy, music, and
dance into a brand new cultural paradigm. In addition to combining with the bamboo hedges folk
residences and straw enterprise, the community construction will assist community people to
develop their potential competence and enhance self-confidence and finally, solidify mind and body
to be a complete wholeness.

5.Building a new cultural park not only solves the problems of the economic enterprise of agricultural
village, but also settles the interpersonal alienation in modern society; and reconstruct ethical and
moral relationship among people and it will develop the cultural advantage of the new epoch.

6.At the second stage of expanding the community area, including the Wuyuan, Bucheng, Sanqi,
Nanxing, and Tungshan villages in the Tungshan river basin, the resort, tourism and cultural
enterprise are the major developing items in the Tungshan area. It incorporates the image of
shopping mall around the ancient street in Tungshan to constitute a new cultural enterprise in
Tungshan village and results in the overall development and prosperity of the Tungshan village.

7.We intend to build a new cultural society with the central conception of faithfulness and with loyalty
and forgiveness as the main subject of interpersonal relationship; it creates a 21th century society
which is mainly a commerce-oriented society based upon the paradigm of Neo-confuciusianism .

8.According to the international scale and standard, Jenju community operates the cultural park and
has become a world-renown paradigm of new culture in the world.

Jenju community construction and its conception of human nature°„

1.Human nature is good.

2.Everyone is unique and his dignity of personality is equal.

3.People consists of body, mind, and spirit, human body sourced from the union of parents, but
human spirit comes from the spiritual world.

4.Everyone's feeling and thinking are real existence which shall be taken seriously, and it is not
absolutely correct or incorrect.

5.In the world, there are only good men, , but one will make mistakes.

6.Every behavior has a purpose, and such behavior is considered to the best the individual at
that time.

7.The two basic requirements are seeking to survive and being cared.

8.Only real and consistent expression is the exact solution of interpersonal struggle.

9."Self-actualization" is a course of learning.

10.Only self-love person can love others, self-respect person respects other.

11.Interpersonal conflict is resulted from different circumstance of one's growth resulting in
different conception of values and perceptions.

12.To treat the conflict among people, it does not matter who is correct or wrong.

13.To "recognize " and "forgive" are the only way to solve interpersonal conflicts.

The engineering of community
construction cannot be finished
overnight; it requires excellent
organized operation, ethical
enterprise spirits, effective
expense, and excellent
, which are the
essential points for a
successful community construction

The spiritual meaning of community construction
is that community people wish to improve themselves.

Before the change of community people, the community
construction task teams shall improve themselves in
advance, thus Jenju community task teams often take
job training before employment or on-job-training, which
will improve work skills and service quality for the working staffs.

At present, Jenju community has very good division of labors
and ethical enterprise spirits
and Jenju community is included
in the 3-year project for remodeling the agricultural villages, which has been sponsored by the Council of
Agricultural Affairs, Executive Yuan and thus has put in lots of funds.
The Council approved Jenju community to employ 35 persons and 30 professional consultants for
specialized advice to carry out the two projects to establish the straw enterprise and bamboos hedges
folk residences.