1. Employment of professional social workers to promote community works: Since July 1, 1999, we
@started to employ several social workers to conduct the community development works.

2. Organization of consultant group: We appointed 31 professional consultants for various advices.

3. Arrangement of a session of Chinese Word Understanding Class with 13 students.

4. Formation of volunteer group: We formed volunteer prior training course before career.

5. Community study group: We hold a lecture and study once per month, 20 members.

6. Arrangement of National Joint Worship Ceremony for Cheng, Chen-kung and community literatures
and arts activity: Both the worship ceremony for Cheng, Chen-kung and community activity were held
in June 13, 1999, total participants were about 8000 persons.

7. Taking charge of the praise ceremony authorized by Ilan county government. for model fathers and
representatives of good people and exemplary deeds.

8. Taking charge of Tungshan Village Lantern Festival in 2000: These activities included "Millennium
Dragon's parade on streets and greetings of New Year", Friendly Basketball Contest, Lantern-
manufacturing, Parents and Children Interesting Contest, Lantern Riddles Evening Party, and etc..,
which had arisen good response from the community residents.

9. Community Greening and Decorating Activity of 2000: The community was divided into four zones for
planting program, and garden balsams were planted along the Funung road which was transformed to
the rainbow-like road.

10. Arrangement of the 2000 Double Ninth Festival for Respect to the aged people.

11. Ballot-Voting by community residents on the community logo.

12. The straw pulp mask study group and the related achievement exhibition.

13. Arrangement of "Let's meet at the prison", a space art exhibition activity which attracted continuous
stream of visitors exceeding five thousand people.

14. In 2001, arrange JENJU LI agricultural spring worship festival: Activity focused on the idea of
"Harmony of the Village, Achievement of Everything".

15. "Year 2001 Kite & Straw Art Festival in Tungshan village".

16. "Year 2001 Thousand-People Stacking-Up Grass Handicraft" Activity.

17. In 2001, we employed a full-time Administration Assistant in January and an full-time General
Secretary in September. Both will be responsible for community reconstruction works.

18. In November, 2001, we convened "The JENJU LI Harvest Festival."

19. In December 15-18, 2001, Taipei International Tourism Exhibition, JENJU Community participated
in Ilan County Exhibition Booth among "Beautiful Taiwan-Agricultural Leisure Life Hall" and held
straw painting DIY class at 15:30-16:00 in December 17, 2001.

20. At 11:00-16:00, December 17, 2001, 40 persons of the Preservative Association of Blue East
Wharf Stream visited the Community for mutual communication.

21. In December 18, 2001, straw handicraft artists visited Tungshan Primary School to conduct straw
painting education, total participants were 180 persons.

22. In December 19, 2001, Shunan Primary School dispatched 30 persons to the Community for Kite DIY.

23. Mashin community, Changhuai county, dispatched 40 persons to visit the Community.

24. In December 22, 2001, the team of bamboo-hedged folk residences was established.

25. In 2002, we convened "Precious Horses and Straw Dragon Celebrate New Year Festival" and the
Lantern Festival.

Since April, 1999, JENJU Community started to conduct
community reconstructions enthusiastically.
Its main direction of development focuses on the goals of
constructing a community with welfare, arts, culture,
environmental protection and healthiness, and currently
abundant achievements have been presented.