All of straw products, such as straw paintings, straw masks, straw relief masks, straw souvenirs, straw dolls, and straw knit, etc. are made of straw which can be discovered everywhere in the community to create brand new products stepping forward the development of modern handicrafts.
In addition to the utilization of waste material and new conception of environmental protection, the promotion of straw handicraft also offer to the community residents another skill that cultivates the body and mind in leisure time, so as to elevate the living quality.

Introduction to straw handicraft productsĄG

1.Straw masks
To establish the community cultural industry, the chief administrator
of JENJU Community Development Association, Mr. Lee, Hou-chie,
invited particularly Mr.Huang, Chien-da as consultant for his rich
experiences of stage landscaping to assist in manufacturing pulp
masks. He dedicates to the development of a unique opera troupe
with straw masks, expecting to establish a new cultural industry and
create new opportunities for the community activities. Straw masks
will display two types in the future, one is a work of art, while the other
one is performing art. The artistic masks will create aesthetics for
family life in folk residences; the performing mask will be incorporated in performances in community

2.Straw souvenirs
The traditional agricultural life has been changing due to the impact of the times, as a result, the traditional living environment and the folk culture are gradually vanishing. The traditional village landscapes making use of straw three-dimensional art in its manifestation is destined to memorize the beauty of simplicity of traditional agricultural living space, which includes bamboo hedges, bamboo forks, thatched cottages, bamboo fences, grain-basking fields, water wells, flowers beds, vegetables farms and etc..
3.Straw painting masks
In the diverse taiwanese folk dramas, such as Taiwanese Opera, Traditional Taiwan Puppet Theater, The Pei-Kuan Youth Opera, Marionettes drama and Chinese Opera, the five facial features on a mask measured 20 square centimeters show great variety and every character, such as hero, villain, evil woman, laughing clown, rich merchant, monk and taoists, is extremely vivid in the facial expressions. Regarding the roles of sheng (the male role), dan (the female role), jing (the painted face role), and chou (clown), there is no necessary for further description and all spectators, the young and the elder, can distinguish very clearly among them. A single mask is sufficient to transmit countless vicissitudes and legends of unofficial histories. Based on different colors in various straw parts, it is possible to make out of them splendid facial expressions and characterize the epitome of the diverse aspects of human life. No artificial colors are employed, neither is it necessary to rely on the original color of the straw, we are able to discover the delicate skills of handicraft-manufacturing and sublimate the human emotions and desires on the stage.
4.Straw painting
Straw is the most typical agricultural by-product. Under the influence of contemporary changes and the vanishing industries of straw pulp, straw mattress, straw rope, straw shoes, mushroom and etc., the straw has become another waste. To employ the special features of the straw structural material, we can reflect the agricultural living pictures, explore the new values of agricultural by-products, sublimate the living aesthetics, cultivate the local craftsmen to live in the village, develop industries rich in local characteristics and elevate a brand new expression of rural cultures.