To let non-local people fully understand the community, JENJU community specially arranges a trip-planning for the community living experience. Everyone is welcome to make the reservation actively and enjoy the trip!

Arranged Trip Program:

1.JENJU Meal¡GNT$ 1,000--3,000 dishes set; an economic and cost-effective nutritious lunch
for only NT$ 40
2.Bamboo-hedged folk residence¡GArrangement of residence and relevant affairs in advance.
3.Journey to discover JENJU¡G A person served for you to discover 22 scenic points in JENJU
community with explanations .
4.Experience DIY¡GThe items currently to experience include straw handicraft, kite-painting
and bicycle-riding.

Reservation Hotline:03-9590758

JENJU Community Development Association

We are looking forward to your visit!!