Spiritual stone is a piece of quartz which looks like an elephant. Its weight is up to 57 tons. During the past tens of thousands of years, it extracted the essence of sun and moon and then condensed the energy to be a huge stone. The spiritual stone was discovered by Mr. Lee, Chao-song by the mid of April in 1993 during a excavating work. Through a mediator, The Three Ancient Kings gave the instruction to transport it to the current place for permanent conservation.

The spiritual stone is called Mr. Black Stone.
Mr. Lee molded a golden statue of six inches
which is now kept in the main shrine at the first
floor of Chinshing Divine Palace for followers to
worship. If the followers put two palms over the
spiritual stone and get rid of distracted thoughts, naturally the vital energy of the followers' will
be in convection with that of the stone and,
after 5-10 minutes, the breath and thinking
will be under control. If one has physical
aches, he may press the aching part close to
the Spiritual Stone to release the pain.

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